Seasons, They Are A-Changin’

AlexandraAnother week has gone by and quickly it went. Our markets are going well, but we have to continually harvest to keep up with the abundance. Beans, beans and beans. We’ve been utilizing rainy days to clean and organize the CSA shed and finish the garlic. As beautiful as the onion and garlic drying room is, it’s been hard to sit in there hours at a time when I’m looking to get every minute of outside time I can before winter. We do get to chit chat and stay dry, while doing something beneficial, though, and that’s a bonus.

We’ve also been keeping up with the galinsoga (or speed weed) harvest. Just in time for the Galinsoga Festival. We’ll be serving Gallant Soldier Brownies, Creamed Galinsoga, Gallon-of-Soda Juleps and an all-you-can-eat Speed Weed Buffet. Don’t worry there will be plenty left for the eating contest. Just kidding…

A galinsoga pulling party would be nice though.

The most charming news of the week: Audrey had her calf. In keeping with the theme, Deb Soule named her Angelica
. Audrey pretty much waited until Tommy brought her in for the afternoon to give birth. Simple and easy. If anyone would like to see her when you stop by for your share, just ask Farmer Tom or Tommy if you could get a peek.

Looks Like the End-of-Spring Garden…

AlexandraIt seems as though the hurricane has ushered in the change of seasons. We have started pulling, clearing, and re-planting in the beds of by-gone spring plants. The weather is slowly changing. The harvesting of the winter storage crops also announces the winter to come.

We still have a few weeks though! At least we’re still getting intense sun during the middle of the day. During the rainy days of last week we hung more than 400 ft. of onions, sweet and storage. We’ve been slowly cleaning up the garlic, but we’re more than halfway done. Garlic and onions are often thought of as root vegetables, but in fact they are leaf vegetables.

Peas, beans, and (soon) cucumbers are at an end. Oats were harvested by Avena Botanicals this past week. The farm still has much to offer though. With Tat Soi, Bok Choy, Chinese cabbage, and edamame on the way, the fall kale has taken off! I don’t think I have ever seen Red Russian leaves so big.

As with this whole summer experience, I am constantly pulled into the rhythm of this beautiful garden. The ever-changing seasons are just as inspiring as the steadfast hills that surround us.

Oh, by the way, Audrey is expecting this September. We shall soon have another handsome calf among us. Tommy should be proud; he’s got a good lookin’ herd.