Happy Plants and Well-fed Friends – from Alexandra

This week on Hope’s Edge Farm was a bit rainier than last, but the plants love it. We started out the week quickly getting hay into the barn before an evening rain. Thanks to Nora and Holly for your help. By Tuesday, Tommy and Tom had started on the new moveable hoop house for Field II. Mmmm, winter greens, anyone?

We’ve been in the throes of weeding and the fall brassica planting. We got a nice little break on Thursday night for the farm’s second potluck. With such farm favorites as sautéed fava beans, sungold tomatoes, zucchini bread and blueberry basil cheesecake, everyone went to bed with a full stomach.

Until next week, do me a fava and enjoy the sun, the water, a little dirt and the veggies they provide.