Organic Blueberries

Dear members

Highland Blueberries of Stockton Springs is offering organic blueberries for $2.70 per pound in 5 or 10 pound boxes. They will deliver them here and you could pick them up with your share. If you are interested please let me know by Wednesday August 2 if you would like some and just how much you would like. I will tabulate the order and call it in to Highland. The berries will be delivered for the August 8 pick-up.

On another subject, there is a small lending library on the table to the right as you enter the shed. There are some cook books and some general agricultural material. These books are for you to borrow, a fact that I failed to tell you at the start of the season. Some of the books have been taken but have not been signed out. Two that I have noticed missing are Against The Grain and a small cook book from Saugeen River CSA, but there may be others. If you have taken a book you are welcome to keep it until you are done but please sign it out on one of the cards on top of the box that the books are in. And anyone who might want to borrow any of the remaining books please do likewise.

Finally, I know that the pick-up shed seems like a good place to bring things that you think I or others might value. However, these things can begin to clutter the space and we have a hard time keeping the shed organized as it is. So, in the future please refrain from dropping off thigs other than paper and plastic bags and egg cartons. Thanks. And don’t forget to get back to me about the blueberries. Tom

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  1. Everyone in our family including our dog loves blueberries and we just picked a colander full. We made blueberry pancakes, cake, pie and ate them by the handful, but i’m sort of out of ideas! Anybody have any creative recipes? Like salad or something savory? i’m just wondering if we could use a whole 5 or 10 pounds if i don’t get hit with some culinary epiphany…

  2. Holly: Freeze them! Have them all year long on your cereal or in pancakes. I’ll post a banana-blueberry bread recipe we got last year from the Union fair, on the board in the csa shed. h.

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