First Pick-up This Week

Dear CSA Member,

We are now experiencing the longest days of the year. The birds are beginning their morning songs as early as 3:30am. The eastern sky is beginning to brighten by four. In the evening it is the western sky that continues to emanate light as late as 8:30pm. During these long days the birds, the insects, the trees, the plants and all the critters are each responding to the sun’s long traverse across the sky. Each quickening their pace, trying to complete that part of their life cycle that ensures their continuity. But here’s a thought for you; By the time you receive this letter, the sun will already have begun its journey south and the length of our day will already be declining. Summers in Maine are short, intense and oh so sweet.

As a farmer, I am up, not quite as early as the birds, but soon after, and am often picking my way back to my home after the last light in the western sky has faded. I love these long days, particularly the morning and evening around sunrise and sunset. I am quickening my pace, trying to accomplish so much in the narrow window of time that the Maine summer affords me. The extremely wet May and early June that we have just experienced only add to the intensity of my season. However, Mother Nature has fulfilled my order for some drying weather and now I find myself frantically preparing ground, sowing seeds and transplanting seedlings.

And now it is nearly time to taste the first crops of the new season, albeit a little late. All this work that Matt and I have done and are doing is beginning to bear fruit, well, maybe not fruits yet, but certainly some leaf. As I related in my earlier email, the first pick-up days are Tuesday the 27th and Friday the 30th. Your pick-up day is written at the top of this letter. This will be your pick-up day for the entire season. I’ve tried to comply with your request for a specific day if you made one, but I have had to divide the shares equally between the two days, so, I hope that the assigned day works for you. If not, let me know and we can try to work something out.

The pick-up time is from 11am (please do not come earlier) until late evening. If for some reason you cannot come on your assigned day but can come the following day, that is fine with us. If you are away and unable to pick-up your share on any given week PLEASE let us know in advance so that we do not harvest for you, only to have produce go by.

At the end of this letter (click here) is a schedule of potluck get-togethers for the season. These potlucks offer you an opportunity to get to know other participants and also give you a chance to enjoy the farm in a relaxed and more convivial way. Post this schedule and please try to come to one or all of these of these events.

Directions to the farm are also given at the end of this letter and a hand-drawn map is included. Once you get to Morse Road, follow it past a pair of metal buildings to the end of the road. On your right you will see yet another shed with a brightly painted mural on the door. This is the pick-up shed. Come on in. Welcome to Hope’s Edge.

I am looking forward to seeing you all again or to meeting you for the first time. And as always I am looking forward to feeding you food and beauty during the coming months.


Your Farmer,