Starting date…

Since my last e-mail (I hope that you all received it), I have been paying particular attention to those crops in the garden which, in the past, made up the bag that members would receive on week one. In that last e-mail I expressed some doubt that these crops would be ready by the third week in June, which has traditionally been the first pick-up date. Well, I’m sorry to say that these crops, head lettuce, spinach, scallions, radish, and greens are still at least a week behind their normal maturation dates.

For some it is because they have been planted late, for others, the lack of sunshine is to blame. But, whatever the reason I find myself in the position of having to delay the start up date by one week. This means that the first Tuesday pick-up will be the 27th; the first Friday pick-up is the 30th. You will be receiving a letter via the post before then letting you know among other things which day is to be your day. I am sorry for the delay and hope that you will understand. I also hope that at some point during the season I will be able to make up this lost week.

The last week in June should coincide with the first strawberries. So, that is somthing to look forward to. The recent appearance of that great ball of light in the sky has warmed our backs and lightened our spirits (somewhat) and has helped toward drying out the fields although many places are still too wet to venture onto. What we really need is five straight days of dry weather. That is my weather order, but we will just have to wait and see what nature provides us with. Thanks for your understanding.


Your Farmer Tom

PS Many thanks to those of you who have sent e-mails of support. Your kind words of understanding help to ease the stress that I am feeling.