First Pick-up This Week

Dear CSA Member,

We are now experiencing the longest days of the year. The birds are beginning their morning songs as early as 3:30am. The eastern sky is beginning to brighten by four. In the evening it is the western sky that continues to emanate light as late as 8:30pm. During these long days the birds, the insects, the trees, the plants and all the critters are each responding to the sun’s long traverse across the sky. Each quickening their pace, trying to complete that part of their life cycle that ensures their continuity. But here’s a thought for you; By the time you receive this letter, the sun will already have begun its journey south and the length of our day will already be declining. Summers in Maine are short, intense and oh so sweet. Continue reading “First Pick-up This Week”

Starting date…

Since my last e-mail (I hope that you all received it), I have been paying particular attention to those crops in the garden which, in the past, made up the bag that members would receive on week one. In that last e-mail I expressed some doubt that these crops would be ready by the third week in June, which has traditionally been the first pick-up date. Well, I’m sorry to say that these crops, head lettuce, spinach, scallions, radish, and greens are still at least a week behind their normal maturation dates. Continue reading “Starting date…”