Welcome to Hope’s Edge Farm.

This Spring marked a new beginning for Hope’s Edge Farm! As you may know, 2020 was the final season for Hope’s Edge CSA. In June of 2021, the Hope’s Edge Farm market store opened for the first time. We welcome you to join us at the farm during this season’s market store hours:

Wednesdays 3:30-6pm

Thursdays 10am-12:30pm.


Our weekly offerings include:

  • non-GMO produce grown without chemicals of any kind
  • fresh herbs
  • pastured eggs
  • local Heiwa tofu
  • pick-your-own flowers (beginning in August)
  • recipe suggestions
  • conversation with your farmer

Contact tom@hopesedgefarm.com if you have any questions.


Here are some selected comments from past CSA members and customers:

“Coming to the farm is the highlight of my week…cows grazing, farmers at work, children playing— life in action.”


“Being part of the CSA reminds us of where our food comes from, the hard work and stewardship that growing food requires and the sense of community it fosters.”


“I can’t imagine a better way to acquire such amazing food except by growing it myself.”


“…we value [the experience] for what it teaches our kids about the natural connections between food, the land and the people who grow it.”


“…very peaceful, fulfilling and nourishing…”


“We loved eating with the seasons. It was the most exciting event each week.”


“The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops but the cultivation and perfection of the human being.” — Masanobu Fukuoka


If Heaven exists-

We don’t know it.

There’s no one around

Who can show it…

But a melon I say,

That we ate today,

Proves that out at Hope’s Edge

They can grow it!


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